Mind Maps, Left Brain, Right Brain and Innovation


The Right Brain Holds The Key To Your Company’s Innovation

“Through clustering, the right brain has the opportunity to generate fresh perceptions and meaningful patterns” ~ Dr. Gabrielle Lusser Rico, Author of Writing the Natural Way

What if you could break up traffic with a simple gesture? Your super-power, “able to dissipate afternoon gridlock in a single bound.” How much time would that save you, knowing that you had a technique to keep the highways clear so that you never waste another moment sitting in afternoon or morning traffic?

In terms of brainstorming, idea generation, and breaking mental roadblocks, clustering – or the more common term mind mapping—is that tool (if you trust it and do it right).

This article caught my eye as it illustrates beautifully the role the right brain plays in innovation. 

It also goes on to explain why it holds the keys to innovation and why Mind Mapping is the tool to to break down your mental roadblocks, as it stimulates the right brain.

But I would like to argue that Mind Maps have another role to play in innovation, which, surprisingly, involves the left brain.

If you’ve studied the brain, and the works of Tony Buzan, the inventor of Mind Mapping, you will realize that, according to him, the left hemisphere of the brain is largely responsible for structured, organized, logical and analytical thinking.

According to me, Mind Maps naturally involve the whole brain in the thinking process. Most know that the right hemisphere is naturally stimulated by the visual, spatial aspects of a Mind Map. What many don’t realize is that a Mind Map has structure, order and hierarchy, which are largely left brain functions.

A Mind Map structures the thoughts pouring in from the right brain and it breaks the chains that constrain the thoughts of the left brain.

In other words, Mind Maps truly involve the whole brain, making it the ultimate innovation tool.

While there are many outlining and visual thinking tools, I feel that Mind Maps most aptly capture the essence of whole brain thinking and ensures you get the most innovative ideas – structured in the shortest possible time.

So, the next time you have to come up with an innovative idea, use Mind Maps to take your innovation to the next level by involving your whole brain in the process.

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